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Moi Wines


Life is measured in moments.

Moi Wines provides a locally made, focal point, artisan wine. 

The aim is to bring people together for those special moments while cherishing the Auckland terroir in the form of small batch premium wines. 

"Yes, "moi" is the french translation for "me" but Moi Wines is not all about me. M O I is an acronym for "Moment of Impact" which is what I believe the wine should provide on the palate upon first sip. I want to make a positive impact in this world and wine is one way I know how to do that. Watch this space to how that impact will grow and evolve." - Renée

Meanwhile the wine bottle in itself is a piece of artwork – every element is considered, contributing to the overall impact of the art piece.
Grown locally, produced locally, sold locally and supporting local business restaurant partners, we ARE local.

"These wines are my opportunity to express my creativity and in turn the terroir of my home in Auckland. Make sure you cherish these wines with good food, and even better company."
- Renée

The story of Moi Wines really began with a young Renée sneaking around under the house in the dirt and dust stumbling across her dad's stash of wine. 

Explore the range:

MOI Rosé 2018

MOI Rosé 2018

MOI Cabernet Franc 2015

MOI Cabernet Franc 2015